Northern Iranian cuisine is arguably the most sought after in the entire country. It is the most varied and elaborate of all Persian cuisines. Due to the humid climate, southern Caspian region is apt for rice, citrus, tea and kiwi plantations and the greenness of the landscape is reflected in the variety of vegetarian and herbal based dishes. There is of course fresh fish from the Caspian Sea but please note that the fishing season only runs for half of the year from October until March. Outside this season, salted and smoked fish is consumed.

The stable diet is rice. In Khoonegeli you will have the pleasure of tasting some of the finest homemade cooking in Iran. I personally spend a fair amount of time looking for the finest ingredients and pay particular attention to locally and organically grown products such as wild walnuts, that have made so many visitors write and talk about the famous stuffed aubergine with walnuts. The meat is all from free roaming local sheep and calves.

Whilst in Khoonegeli you will savour locally produced tea which is an undiscovered treasure. Tea seeds were imported from India some one hundred years ago and there is a tea factory nearby which still produces fine black tea with no colouring or artificial aromas, all natural! Unfortunately most of the teas you get in Iranian homes, restaurants or tea houses are artificially scented and coloured imported tea.

Whilst you are with us we shall endeavour to offer you freshly baked whole meal organic bread with stone milled flour from central Iran. We are fortunate to have a friend who supplies the precious flour.

Fruits are served according to season.

All food in Khoonegeli is almost entirely locally sources, for example local meet, fresh herbs grown locally, local aromatic rice and so on...
And it is also seasonal: we have spring, summer, autumn and winter dishes. This means the food you eat is in harmony with the environment and your body, it is the most fundamental principle of healthy living according to our philosophy.