Desert Expeditions

Desert trekking

There are several desert treks of varying duration which are on offer.
A 3-5 day desert trek would be around Yakhab Mountains and Maranjab Salt Lake and sand dunes close to Kavir National park.
A long 10 day trek of some 250 km would cut through one of the most beautiful deserts on earth, the Lut Desert or Kavir-e-Lut. This trek can be shortened if we drive part of the way.
MTBs are best to cross Kavir National Park from east to west with an overnight in an old caravansaray called Ghasre Bahram. This 3-day ride can be extended to 5 by taking a southern turn and ending in southern Kashan.
Logistical support is provided by 4WD.
If you feel like crossing an entire salt flat on foot, there is a little known flat which will blow your mind away.
Be prepared to carry food, water, tent for 3 long days and just over 40 km. Please write for details. We would like to keep it pristine!