How to get to Khoonegeli

Khoonegeli is some 15 km south west of Tonekabon, close to the foothills of the Alborz mountain range.
If you are coming from Tehran there are three ways to get here:

a) by public bus from Azadi Square Terminal aka Western Terminal: buses are frequent leaving from 7 am until 23 hours; they usually take 4 and a half hours. Make sure you do not get the bus that terminates in Chalous, but those that terminate in Ramsar are good. They make an obligatory stop in a restaurant on the way.

b)  savaris, which are shared yellow cabs, leave from a different corner within the same terminal; they take 4 passengers and an hour less to get to Tonekabon terminal. They make an obligatory stop in a restaurant on the way.

c) From Tehran Mehrabad Airport, close to Azadi Square, there are flights, usually 3 times a week to Ramsar airport, which lies some 20 km from Khoonegeli; it is a 25minute flight over the spectacular Alborz Mountain Range and the Caspian Sea.

Please either pre-book your stay or let us know you are coming. Thank you.

d) a private taxi door-to-door, please enquire.

From Chalous we recommend you use a taxi service provided by us. The journey is a 50 km one that usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

There are only savaris and no buses from Sari, they take 4 hours to Tonekabon.

If you are coming from Rasht then there are two options: a shared savari or a private taxi. Small minibuses for locals are not recommended.

From Shiraz there are direct flights to Rasht. Otherwise a train or bus to Tehran and one of the options above.

There are two direct overnight buses from Isfahan to Tonekabon and daily buses from Qazvin, Tabriz, Ardebil, Mashhad, Qom and Kermanshah. Note, there are no direct buses from Kashan and you would need to change terminal in Tehran or opt for a direct private taxi ride door-to-door, which takes some 9 hours.

If you are coming from the Alamut Valley there is a dirt road that links Alamut to the Sehezar Valley of Tonekabon, and in the summer months there are minibuses that join Khoshkechal village above the Castle of the Assassins to Tonekabon; their departure depends on whether there are passengers on a set day or not, and they only run in the summer months. The journey time is approximately 4 and half hours. An alternative would be a private taxi, please enquire. Note that this road becomes impassable by normal sedans after heavy rain and it is closed to all vehicles in winter due to heavy snowfall. 4WDs can be arranged with prior notice.

Please prearrange you arrival so that we are ready to have you.