Trekking Summits

Siyalan summit

These are all trekking summits:

Gerd Kooh (3050 m), Siyah Kol (2950 m), Niyar Darreh (3600 m), Chalaki (3000 m), Kangarchal (3100 m), Yaan (3500 m), Khane Bon (3700 m), Somamoos (3700 m)and Beles Kooh (3300 m).
The starting point for the majority would be around 900 m ASL.
They are done in 2 days and 1 night, although in the summer many can be trekked in one long day.
All of the 4000 m summits in this region can be trekked, although some have climbing routes also.
Kalahoo (4400 m), Kalvan (4100 m), Siyah Kaman (4600 m), Suzansar (4,650 m), Ghabi (4300 m), Siyalan (4250 m), Kaschechal (4120 m) are some of the nicest 4000ers.
Alam Kooh or Alamkuh (4850 m) is the second highest summit in the Iranian plateau after Mount Damavand (5610m) and has several climbing routes via Alam Chaal.
It may also be approached via the famous Alamut Valley. This is a 5-7 day trek through some of the least explored areas of Alborz. This trek is only possible between July and October.
Alam Kooh wall (4000-4850 m) and Siyahsangha routes are technical and semi-technical routes which are also on offer.