Multi Day Treks

From April until November, the duration of a multi-day trek could be anything from 2 to 14 days. They may or may not include summits. As there is little or no amenity along the way, we would require mules to carry our gear for longer treks. We would camp in nature where there is a water source. In the summer months, we would stay close to shepherds so these treks include close cultural encounters with semi nomadic people of the area.
A typical day would be 6-7 hours of walking and an altitude difference of some 1000 m on average. As the treks are tailor-made we could adjust them to your wishes.

Generally speaking, shorter treks (i.e up to 3 days) would be undertaken in a north-south direction often trekking a summit. Medium-length treks of 4-5 days would be a traverse of several valleys from west to east and longer treks would be a combination of south to north and west to east until reaching the Caspian littoral.