We offer day hikes, multi-day treks, rock climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering and skyrunning, as well as desert expeditions and mountain biking anywhere in Iran.

In the Caspian Sea we offer rowing, excursions in motor boat, water-skiing and in the Persian Gulf we have scuba diving on offer.

If you have a particular region in mind such as the Iranian Kurdistan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and wish to undertake a nature based activity there, then please send us an email and we would be happy to advise or organize it for you.

You may also wish to have a look at our sister website  www.alamuttrek.com

If you are coming to the Caspian region of northern Iran to explore its nature and culture and wish to stay in one of the most authentic rural eco-lodges, then we would suggest Khoonegeli as your base.

From here, we would take the car and drive some 35-45 minutes to get to the trail-head.  This means we would start hiking at around 900 m. Khoonegeli is located at 83 m above sea level. The Caspian Sea lies 27 m below sea level.
The valleys of northern Alborz lie south northerly and are quite steep, for example, one can reach a 3000 m summit from the Caspian Sea in about 30 km straight ground line, hence starting a trek from about 1000 m means a sharp ascent. 

Day Hikes

A full day hike between April until November may be a nice 3000-3500 m summit, for example Kangarchal or Yaan for fit and fast walkers; or a gentler pace up to one of many remote pastoral settlements such as Noosha, Lashm and others in or above the forest line. 
In winter the area receives quite a lot of snow, but it is still possible to trek and reach the summits provided you have the required equipment and allow extra time.

Multi-Day Treks

From April until November, the duration of a multi-day trek could be anything from 2 to 14 days. They may or may not include summits. As there is little or no amenity along the way, we would require mules to carry our gear for longer treks. We would camp in nature where there is a water source. In the summer months, we would stay close to shepherds so these treks include close cultural encounters with semi nomadic people of the area.
A typical day would be 6-7 hours of walking and an altitude difference of some 1000 m on average. As the treks are tailor-made we could adjust them to your wishes.
Generally speaking, shorter treks (i.e up to 3 days) would be undertaken in a north-south direction often trekking a summit. Medium-length treks of 4-5 days would be a traverse of several valleys from west to east and longer treks would be a combination of south to north and west to east until reaching the Caspian littoral.


These are all trekking summits:
Gerd Kooh (3050 m), Siyah Kol (2950 m), Niyar Darreh (3600 m), Chalaki (3000 m), Kangarchal (3100 m), Yaan (3500 m), Khane Bon (3700 m), Somamoos (3700 m)and Beles Kooh (3300 m).
The starting point for the majority would be around 900 m ASL.
They are done in 2 days and 1 night, although in the summer many can be trekked in one long day.
All of the 4000 m summits in this region can be trekked, although some have climbing routes also.
Kalahoo (4400 m), Kalvan (4100 m), Siyah Kaman (4600 m), Suzansar (4,650 m), Ghabi (4300 m), Siyalan (4250 m), Kaschechal (4120 m) are some of the nicest 4000ers.
Alam Kooh or Alamkuh (4850 m) is the second highest summit in the Iranian plateau after Mount Damavand (5610m) and has several climbing routes via Alam Chaal.
It may also be approached via the famous Alamut Valley. This is a 5-7 day trek through some of the least explored areas of Alborz. This trek is only possible between July and October.

Alam Kooh wall (4000-4850 m) and Siyahsangha routes are technical and semi-technical routes which are also on offer.

Damavand 5610m

Mount Damavand is a stratovolcano and the highest summit of Iran whose last eruption was 5350 BCE.

This summit is generally trekked via the southern route starting from Goosfandsara (2900 m) and nights in Bargah Sevom refuge (4200 m), where good logistical support exists in the high season between June until October.

The north eastern and northern routes are less crowded and are ascended via Nandal or any other village close by.

If you want something exceptional you should try the 11-12 day trek through Laar National Park all the way to the summit of Damavand. For details please drop us a line. We would like to keep it pristine and un-crowded!

Desert expeditions

There are several desert treks of varying duration which are on offer. 
A 3-5 day desert trek would be around Yakhab Mountains and Maranjab Salt Lake and sand dunes close to Kavir National park.
A long 10 day trek of some 250 km would cut through one of the most beautiful deserts on earth, the Lut Desert or Kavir-e-Lut. This trek can be shortened if we drive part of the way.
MTBs are best to cross Kavir National Park from east to west with an overnight in an old caravansaray called Ghasre Bahram. This 3-day ride can be extended to 5 by taking a southern turn and ending in southern Kashan.
Logistical support is provided by 4WD.
If you feel like crossing an entire salt flat on foot, there is a little known flat which will blow your mind away.
Be prepared to carry food, water, tent for 3 long days and just over 40 km.  Please write for details. We would like to keep it pristine!

Special Tours

Bird watching, winter birding, bear and Persian wild ass watching and watching the stags bellowing the in rutting season are all activities which may be organized with the greatest of pleasures.