Ski and Snowboarding in Iran

Leave your prejudices where you live and come skiing in Iran !

Yes, we have ski resorts and when people are busy skiing in Iran,   many European resorts  are waiting for their first snowfall ! 

Besides, you pay embarrassingly little to ski in Iran.

Here you have a list of all the ski resorts close to Tehran:

1. Tochal Ski resort, this is the highest ski resort in Iran. It starts close to the summit at 3850m and is some 1200m long. It is skiable for almost 8 months of the year! It is a short car drive from central Tehran.

2. Dizin, arguably the best ski resort in Iran,  it is situated deep in the central Alborz range with spectacular views of the Alborz summits such as Alam Kooh and Mount Damavand. It is a 3 hour drive from the capital. There are 7500m of ski pistes from 3600 m down to 2650m of altitude.

3. Darband Sar is 50KM north of Tehran. It is a good resort for experienced skiers.

4. Abali Ski resort is on the eastern part of the city and is one of the oldest resorts.

5. Shemshak ski resort, 57km north eastern part of the city

6. Khor Ski resort is an hour and a half drive from Tehran along Chalous road. It is closer than Dizin so it is good if you have less time.

In many of the resorts it will be possible to rent skis.

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