Prices And Reservation

The price for Khoonegeli is based on full board lodging per person per night. The price depends on the number of guests, their length of stay and the season of the year; it ranges from 50-90 Euros.

Checking in and out time is rather flexible, taking into account the traveller’s plans.

For tours, treks and mountain expeditions there are 3 price options:

 a) Economy: you trek with a local guide who speaks only Farsi. 

b) Midrange: you trek with an English-speaking guide.

c) Upper scale: I guide (in multi-day treks often together with an assistant). 

Mule and muleteer will also be provided if need be depending on availability. 

All of our treks and expeditions are tailor-made. We do not have fixed departure programs.

Equipments such as tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, cooking utensils, trekking poles, crampons are available. 

Please provide a relevant profile when making an enquiry so that we can suggest the best expedition for you and your team. This would include an approximate age, preference of your rhythm in nature, the purpose of the expedition you wish to undertake (for example: sports, landscape photography, local culture, meeting locals and alike), and most importantly tell us if you are on any long term medication.

Prices depend on the season, the degree of difficulty of the expedition and other factors such as the remoteness of the area, therefore no price is published here. Kindly enquire by email.

A 30% deposit is normally required to reserve any particular tour, payable by bank transfer into an account in the EU or Pay Pal. All bank charges for the transfer is to be covered by the person making the transfer. 

Full refund is made if travellers are rejected entry into the country. 

Any other cancelation will incur a penalty depending on the season and the time of the notice prior to the booking date, please enquire. The preferred currency is Euros although Rials or American dollars is also accepted.

Thank you!